So this weekend we turn our clocks back one hour (fall back, as I remember the phrase growing up), then onto winter. Do a little winterizing now to stay warm and  avoid emergencies. Swamp coolers: Disconnect the water supply line from the faucet, drain the pan and cover the swamp cooler. Central heaters: Change the filter and vacuum ductwork. (putting a dryer sheet between the air intake, or filter and the heater can give the house a fresh scent. Just make sure it doesn't get sucked up inside the heater. Make sure all windows are secured and door sweeps and insulation are not torn up, to keep your home roasty toasty. Clean ceiling fan blades and turn the fan switch to pull air up or turn clockwise. This will pull cool air up and bring the warm air down. If you have a wall furnace, light it. You can always turn it to a low setting on the thermostat. Most importantly, watch the weather forecasts. If there's a chance for a freeze and you have inside plumbing on an outside wall, open the cabinets to allow air flow and even turn the faucet on to drip to avoid the pipes freezing and breaking. Sprinkler systems should also be winterized. Turn off the valve in the yard box (usually just inside or just outside the back fence) then turn on each sprinkler station for 5-10 minutes to purge the lines. Once you do this, turn off the system at the control box in the garage or house. Enjoy your Fall/ Winter. The wonderful smells, meals and times with family and friends.